Illustration Samples

While at Fjord DC I regularly used sketching to bring both concrete and abstract ideas to life. I used sketching to help plan workshops, quickly mock-up a design, communicate a complex subject matter, synthesize research, and much more. Below is a sampling of my sketching work with brief descriptions.

*Please note that this section of my portfolio is still underwork and I will be adding additional material shortly.

Internal Vision Video

After a new lead took over McPherson Consulting I created this video with the studio videographer to help bring his vision for the practice and people to life. I created visual metaphors to represent the elements of his vision and drew continuously for a single shot film - the film was later edited and sped up.

Sketch Confidence

When possible I taught Design Sketching to my peers at the Fjord DC Studio. Below is a video of a presentation I created and gave during one of our internal Design Learning Sessions. The presentation is on how to use design sketching as a tool to strengthen your thinking and communication.  

How might we help a global consulting company understand their people and identity while transitioning to new leadership?

Role: Researcher, Experience Designer, Videographer
Other Team-Members: Research and Service Design Lead, 2nd Co-Researcher and Interaction designers, Digital Producer

The following is a visualization of the project outline I created for one of our presentation decks. Below is are extracts of work completed for this project.

porject outline.png

Our client, McPherson Consulting* was bringing in a new director, when the interim director asked us to research the current state of the company and unearth what employees of multiple levels thought about working for McPherson. We conducted 19 creative interviews where we asked non-traditional research questions such as “What would make you kill for and MC tattoo?” to get at the heart of what McPherson’s employees dreamed the company could become. I also graphically recorded each of the interviews. Here is a short video of our research process:
*Names changed for security reasons

From our synthesized research we created several large posters from the graphic recordings and other notes. These were them presented to the company leads during a gallery walk exercise in a strategy and research focused workshop. I helped to construct and facilitate the workshop with my team.

Ultimately the Stakeholder research and the workshop input was synthesized into one creative research read-out and future vision. I wrote and illustrated the original presentation, which was refined by my teammates and myself. We successfully presented this research to the new director who used this research to understand his diverse employee’s needs and help form his direction and strategy for the new McPherson Consulting. The 1st image is the full illustration, 2nd and 3rd image reveal how the illustration was brought to life with the corresponding research insights and recommendations.

Full slide illustration_with background.jpg