Illustration Samples

While at Fjord DC I regularly used sketching to bring both concrete and abstract ideas to life. I used sketching to help plan workshops, quickly mock-up a design, communicate a complex subject matter, synthesize research, and much more. Below is a sampling of my sketching work with brief descriptions.

*Please note that this section of my portfolio is still underwork and I will be adding additional material shortly.

Internal Vision Video

After a new lead took over McPherson Consulting I created this video with the studio videographer to help bring his vision for the practice and people to life. I created visual metaphors to represent the elements of his vision and drew continuously for a single shot film - the film was later edited and sped up.

Sketch Confidence

When possible I taught Design Sketching to my peers at the Fjord DC Studio. Below is a video of a presentation I created and gave during one of our internal Design Learning Sessions. The presentation is on how to use design sketching as a tool to strengthen your thinking and communication.